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Hong Kong's First 

Boutique Finishing School

Classes available in

English, Mandarin & Cantonese

We help you to

become a Better Version of Yourself

YiLi International Etiquette (YiLi) is Hong Kong's first boutique finishing school offering Western & Chinese etiquette courses.

YiLi is passionate about bridging western and eastern cultures. We have a series of specially designed Chinese Etiquette courses for foreigners and international corporations to understand Chinese culture and hence, be able to interact with Chinese more effectively.

We believe that good etiquette and manners enable individuals to enhance their personal and professional lives. We are also convinced that equipping modern women with necessary etiquette knowledge empower them to be more confident in different arenas.

With a mission to promote the importance of etiquette and make finishing school courses accessible, YiLi offers a variety of etiquette courses including exclusive finishing school programmes, social etiquette and business etiquette.

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Past Trainings

Our Courses


Afternoon Tea Etiquette

The class serves as a beginner introduction to the basics of etiquette through a traditional British Afternoon Tea experience

Natural Soap and Flowers

Weekend Etiquette Experience

A Better You

This 2-day course includes History of Cutlery & Western Table Manners, Deportment, Introduction to French Cuisine, Dresscodes, Beauty & Grooming, and British Afternoon Tea.


Business Etiquette

There are a range of topics under Business Etiquette for corporates and individuals who wish to build better relationships in the business environment. Contact us for a customised programme.

Flower Arrangements

Exclusive Finishing School

Effortless Elegance

The 4-day course covers high-end social etiquette, the art of European dining, table manners, table conversation,  wine appreciation,

dressing definitions, special occasions etiquette and more

Artful Table Arrangement

Private Coaching

We provide one-to-one private coaching where clients can select from a range of topics under international social etiquette and business etiquette to meet your specific objectives / interests


Chinese Business Etiquette

Learn the basics and  working knowledge of China in order to enhance and manage cross-cultural relationships. 


The course is offered in English and could be taught at client’s site as company training for multi-national corporations.

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