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Business Handshake

We help you

build successful business relationships

Giving consideration to the convenience of the client's company,

we can design a specific teaching program built around the specific requirements of the client company's team and customise appropriate course modules according to different needs, in so doing the flexible courses can better fit the features and needs of the client company.


Business Etiquette

We have a range of topics under Business Etiquette for corporates and individuals who wish to build better relationships in the business environment.


Contact us for a customised programme.

Cocktail Event

International Social Etiquette

This course combines necessary social etiquette knowledge for you to understand the nuances between own and international cultures, enables you to be more confident and comfortable in any social or business occasions to 

seize every important opportunity.


Chinese Business Etiquette

Learn the basics and  working knowledge of China in order to enhance and manage cross-cultural relationships. 


The course is offered in English and could be taught at client’s site as company training for multi-national corporations.

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