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Clara Ho
Assistant Trainer

Ms Clara Ho is our Assistant Trainer at YiLi International Etiquette.

Clara holds a Master's degree in Marketing Management from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a Bachelor's degree in International Studies from Monash University, Australia. Her educational journey took her across Hong Kong and Australia, and she had the unique opportunity to reside in various cities across Asia and Europe. This enabled her to immerse herself in different cultures and embrace the nuances of global etiquette.

From a young age, Clara embarked on a journey of musical discovery, mastering both the piano and the traditional Chinese instrument, guzheng. Her musical talents, coupled with her extensive exposure to diverse cultures, have fostered a distinctive sense of aesthetics and an appreciation for the beauty of cultural exchanges.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Clara's interests span the realms of history, literature, music, and social entertainment. She has an unquenchable thirst for all things beautiful in life, always seeking to enhance her understanding of art and culture.

Clara's deep-rooted passion for cross-cultural experiences and her desire to share the wisdom of etiquette led her to join YiLi in 2022. In her role, she specializes in teaching etiquette courses tailored for children and teenagers. Her goal is to impart the values of respect and courtesy, which are at the heart of etiquette, while also sharing her unique life experiences and cultural insights.

Clara believes that etiquette is a bridge that connects people from different backgrounds and enables them to interact harmoniously in our diverse world. With her distinctive experiences and skills, she strives to carry forward the spirit of etiquette and facilitate its transmission to future generations.

Join us in celebrating Clara's dedication to promoting etiquette and her commitment to fostering a more courteous and understanding world through her role at YiLi.

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