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Business Meeting

Business Etiquette

Did you find making new connections at business networking events difficult for you? Have you ever wondered why some people can always be comfortable socialising with others?

How presentable or decent one behaves at business events, does not only affect the individual's personal image but also reflects the corporate culture, quality of management and services of a company.

We have designed a range of topics under Business Etiquette that are essential for corporates clients and individuals who wish to build better relationships in the business environment.


Topics Include:


  • Basic Business Etiquette

  • Making Introductions & First Impressions

  • Personal Image & Dresscodes

  • Business Communications

  • Interview Etiquette

  • Business Networking

  • Dining Etiquette at formal business / corporate events

  • Public Speaking

*Contact us for a customised programme

*Participants completing this course will be presented a Certificate

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