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Tea Time

Afternoon Tea Etiquette

Afternoon Tea derives from the Duchess of Bedford’s desire to fill the gap between lunch and dinner with a light meal of tea, cakes and sandwiches in order to satisfy the hunger pangs. The practice proved so popular that it soon developed into an established social occasion amongst the higher classes and has endured until today, where it has become more popular than ever.

How should we eat our scones? Do we put jam first then cream, or cream then jam? Do we put milk or tea in to the cup first? Afternoon Tea is also a British institution, one bound with codes for the uninitiated, which once mastered, is highly enjoyable.

Enjoy a delightful Afternoon Tea with me, learn the differences between cream tea, afternoon tea, high tea and royal tea whilst gaining insight into the origins and etiquette behind it.

Topics Include:


  • The history of afternoon tea

  • Tea etiquette

  • Finessing the food

  • Duties as a host and guest…and more

*This hands-on tutorial includes a classic British Afternoon Tea at one of the city’s finest hotels

*Participants completing this course will be presented a Certificate

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