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One-day Etiquette Experience

A Better You

This one-day course allows you to get a taste of how the basics of etiquette can transform you into a better version of yourself.

Polish is a learned skill, when it is properly honed, will propel you to success in the business, social and personal arenas. It has been proven time and time again to be a determining factor

between who gets ahead, and who gets left behind.

A Better You is designed to help you master these all-important “soft skills” that will catapult you to a higher level in your personal and professional lives.

Make the 6 hours an impressive self-investment to enhance your personal charm.

Be prepared to meet the better you.

Upcoming Class Schedule

Topics Include:


  • Introduction & First Impressions

  • Personal Image (Speech, Gestures and more)

  • Deportment

  • Personal Presence & Body Language

  • Dress Codes

  • Social Dinning

  • Networking

*This hands-on tutorial includes lunch; allowing participants to put dinning etiquette into practice

*Participants completing this course will be presented a Certificate

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