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International Social Etiquette

Etiquette, unquestionable, has an important role to play in social interactions and possessing the knowledge with an international perspective becomes vital in today's ever more globalised world.

International cultural understanding is not only beneficial in the development of one's career, but it also contributes to your overall social success by building stronger interpersonal skills, awareness, confidence and self analysis for the benefit of all your relationships.


The International Social Etiquette module is packed with tips and tactics to broaden your cultural awareness. We have designed a range of topics for groups to choose from.

Walking and Talking

Topics Include:

  • First Impression & the Importance of a Proper Handshaking

  • Greetings & Making Introductions

  • How to make an entrance and work the room

  • Western Dining Etiquette

  • Seating Arrangements & Sequence (French, British & American)

  • Personal Image & Dresscodes

  • Social Networking
  • Gifting Etiquette
  • Wine Appreciation
  • Special Occasions Etiquette
  • Eye Signals, Body Language & Psychology

*Contact us for a customised programme

*Participants completing this course will be presented a Certificate

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