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YiLi International Etiquette (YiLi) is Hong Kong's first boutique finishing school offering Western & Chinese etiquette courses.

We believe that good etiquette and manners enable individuals to enhance their personal and professional lives. We are also convinced that equipping modern women with necessary etiquette knowledge empower them to be more confident in different arenas.

With a mission to promote the importance of etiquette and make finishing school courses accessible, YiLi offers a variety of etiquette courses including exclusive finishing school programmes, social etiquette and business etiquette.

YiLi is passionate about bridging western and eastern cultures, especially with a special focus on Chinese business etiquette.

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The Meaning of "YiLi"

The name “YiLi” consists of meanings in two folds;

Our Aspiration:

to bridge Western & Eastern cultures


“YiLi” is a homophone of the important Chinese Etiquette Classic The Book of Etiquette and Ceremonial 《儀禮》 about social behavior and ceremonial rituals. This Classic, along with the Rites of Zhou and the Book of Rites, formed the "Three Rites" which guided traditional Confucian understandings of propriety and behaviour.

YiLi admires the Chinese traditions and important Confucius values. We believe they should be retained and passed on, as well as to be introduced to those from foreign cultures who are interested to learn about them.

Our Passion:

to Empower Women through Etiquette


The Chinese character for “Yi” (懿) means “virtuous; fine”, often related to womanly virtue. This echoes with YiLi’s mission to empower modern women by equipping them with necessary etiquette knowledge and “soft powers” so that they can be more confident in their personal and professional lives.

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