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Afternoon Tea Etiquette

The class serves as a beginner introduction to the basics of etiquette through a traditional British Afternoon Tea experience

Natural Soap and Flowers

Weekend Etiquette Experience

A Better You

This 2-day course includes History of Cutlery & Western Table Manners, Deportment, Introduction to French Cuisine, Dresscodes, Beauty & Grooming, and British Afternoon Tea.

Flower Arrangements

Exclusive Finishing School

Effortless Elegance

The 4-day course covers high-end social etiquette, the art of European dining, table manners, table conversation,

wine appreciation, dressing definitions, special occasions etiquette and more

Artful Table Arrangement

Private Coaching

We provide one-to-one private coaching where clients can select from a range of topics under international social etiquette and business etiquette to meet your specific objectives / interests.

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