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Chinese Dining Etiquette

Are you using your chopsticks right? What should you do when people p0ur tea for you? How to behave well if you are dinning with Chinese people of an older age or seniority at the same table?


This hands-on tutorial allows you to learn practical dining etiquette, the reasons and stories behind certain habits around the table.

So the next time you engage in Chinese banquets or dining occasions, you can be more relaxed, comfortable and confident to enjoy with your Chinese counterparts without having to worry about making any unintentional mistakes.


Topics Include:


  • The Importance of dining to Chinese

  • The Etiquette of Chopsticks

  • How to be a good host and how to be a good guest

  • Drinking and Toasting

  • Seating Arrangement

  • Tipping

  • Taboos to avoid

*Contact us for a customised programme

*Corporate lunch at one of the Top Chinese Restaurant could also be arranged for groups 

*Participants completing this course will be presented a Certificate

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